Kalle Hi there, true believer! I'm Kalle Räisänen, a designer, programmer, researcher, and teacher currently living in Örebro, Sweden.

I specialise in user-centred design and systems development, and am passionate about content-first design and about solving problems with programming languages.

I'm currently working as a Lecturer in Informatics (Information Systems) at Örebro University School of Business, teaching programming, systems development methods, project work, and interaction design. I've previously done research in Information Security, eLearning, and game studies.

Content-first design

Content-first design (or, really, content-centred design) is really just my attitude toward designing interactive products. Just as houses are machines for living in, interactive designs are content-delivery machines. Therefore, it makes sense to center the design on content, e.g. by using real data as early as possible in the design process—death to lorem ipsum as Luke W puts it. Of course, content itself must also be designed, but that's a different story.


Web design & development - minimalist responsive web site.

Thebes. Responsive review site/custom Bolt theme.

Valley of the Crescent Moon. Responsive web comic site. Custom framework using jQuery, Mustache.{js, php}, PHP, SASS, and SQLite.

White Light Generator. Responsive teaser website. Inspired by the International Typographic Style.

Light Responsive Facebook- and Soundcloud-integrated website for Light Screamer, a psychedelic noise punk band. Custom framework using PHP and Rain.TPL. (and .be). Responsive portfolio/resume website. Custom framework using Rain.TPL, HTML5/CSS3, jQuery, and SQLite.

Thebes — Reviews & commentary. Custom Wordpress theme & plugins.

FivebyfiveGames. Custom Wordpress theme & plugins.

Video, illustration & graphic design

Album cover: Human Studies 1: Looped Piano by KNNN.

Album cover for KNNN's EP Terran Epistles.

Fivebyfive Medium: custom logo font.

T-Shirt designs for Light Screamer.

Cover for Light Screamer's first album. I did typography and layout (based on artwork by Win Wallace).

T-shirt design for Distant Treelines.

Gauss TV — music video trilogy. I directed and edited.

Live video of Light Screamer performing a cover of Cherubs' "Sugary"; promo for an upcoming tribute compilation. I did editing, titles, and visual effects.

Teaser trailer for Light Screamer's upcoming album, Gauss. I did 3D-modelling and -animation, and editing/titles.

A couple of variations of business card for myself/

Valley of the Crescent Moon, a webcomic I created, write, and draw.

Lettering for the comic book Overwhelm.

Various 3D models. See also and for samples of my 3D animation.


FivebyfiveGames Sound Engine, a dynamic sound engine intended for use in web-based games. Developed in Adobe Flex, using ActionScript.

Flex Comics Reader.

Game design

Swarm!. Board game manual.

Swarm!. Board game design.

Swarm!. Board game concept art.

Ferrocity. Video game concept art.

Valley of the Crescent Moon: Attack of the Amazing Colossal 50ft Robot Cat. Video game concept art.





Örebro University School of Business

Taught and developed courses in programming and systems development at beginning and intermediate levels. Courses taught include programming in Java and in C♯, database management, systems development methods (RUP, XP, Scrum), and supervision of systems development projects.


PhD candidate

Örebro University School of Business

My research area is information security, more specifically information security standardisation. Funded by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency and by the research school Management & IT.




Perl bindings for Stanford's CoreNLP natural language processing tool kit. Developed in Perl and Java (via the Inline::Java Perl module).



Fivebyfive Game-review corpus

An annotated corpus of video game reviews. The corpus was compiled using a custom toolkit consisting of Perl and Bash scripts, which I developed. I'm currently working on an extended version of this corpus, containing reviews from 15 additional sources, using a Perl- and MongoDB-based toolchain.



Örebro University School of Business

Taught and developed courses in programming and systems development at beginning and intermediate levels. Courses taught include programming in Java and in C♯, database management, and supervision of systems development projects.


Creator, writer, designer, Wordpress expert

Thebes — Reviews & commentary

A film and video game review website. I created the site and its custom Wordpress theme and plugins. Developed in HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and PHP.


Creator, writer, artist

Valley of the Crescent Moon

An independent webcomic.


Freelance developer


Development and design of various systems and web sites, including construction and configuration of web shops and content management systems.



Master of Science Informatics [Electronic Government]

Örebro University

Thesis title: »Using Blogs for Teacher–Student Communication: Class blogs in Two Swedish Public Schools«.


Bachelor of Science Informatics [Systems development]

Örebro University

Thesis title: »The depiction of ‘gameplay’ in video game reviews: Linguistic and comparative analysis of the gameplay concept in professional video game reviews and in the game studies literature«.